Overview of our Web Platform

Net72 has developed a web platform specifically for golf societies to help them better manage matches and members.

The Golfing Society Websites are designed for the three key stakeholders groups:

  • The Society Organisers
  • The Society Members
  • Potential Members & Visitors

Society Organisers

The website allows the society to maintain its members’ information and organise matches, meetings and knockouts with the minimum administrative involvement from the Hon. Sec.

The website provides a communications hub. News and information can be published on the site, members can contact one another through the site and the organisers can broadcast emails and newsletters.

The website can be used to take payment for matches, meetings and subscriptions as well as selling kit through an online shop.

Society Members

Members have access to a secure, password-protected member directory, where they can keep their own information up-to-date or contact fellow members.

They can enter matches and meetings, read society news and delve into the archives.

Members can quickly and easily enter fixtures as well as book and securely pay for meetings.

Match Managers can run their fixtures from within the match management area

For Visitors

The website will act as a public face for the Society and shows information that is public. It also lets of potential members apply or join depending on your membership rules.